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180 Montague Apartments

180 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11201
Rental Building in Brooklyn Heights
$4,014 - $7,248 | 1, 2 Bed
186 Units | 34 Floors | Built in 1999
Managed By Equity Residential

7 Active Rental Listings

Date Apt# Rent Beds Baths Months Free Date Available OP Rent Stabilize
2024-03-31 06E $4,014 1 1.0 2024-03-31
2024-03-31 03B $4,174 1 1.0 2024-05-17
2024-03-31 12F $4,240 1 1.0 2024-05-31
2024-03-31 21A $4,360 1 1.0 2024-05-25
2024-03-31 24A $4,375 1 1.0 2024-05-14
2024-03-31 26A $4,411 1 1.0 2024-04-19
2024-03-31 19E $7,248 2 2.0 2024-05-07

1037 Past Rental Listings

Date Apt# Rent Beds Baths Months Free Date Available OP Rent Stabilize
2023-12-13 31 $3,807 0 1.0 2023-12-28
2023-12-13 7 $4,050 1 1.0 2023-12-13
2023-12-13 15 $4,328 1 1.0 2024-02-16
2023-12-13 24 $4,432 1 1.0 2023-12-29
2023-12-13 5 $6,627 2 2.0 2024-01-19
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Building Amenities

180 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY Available Short Term Available Short Term
180 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY Doorman Doorman
180 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY Elevator Elevator(2)
180 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY Gym Gym
180 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY Laundry in Building Laundry in Building
180 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY Live in super Live in super
180 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY Management Company Management Company
180 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY No Fee Building
180 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY Cats Allowed Cats Allowed
180 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY Dogs Allowed Dogs Allowed

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Building Price Range

1 Bed
$3,100 - $4,000
2 Bed
$4,500 - $5,900

Broker Fee Savings

1 Bed
2 Bed


Court St

1 min walk, 0.02 miles

Borough Hall

3 min walk, 0.11 miles

Borough Hall

5 min walk, 0.14 miles

Clark St

5 min walk, 0.4 miles

Jay St - MetroTech

7 min walk, 0.26 miles

Jay St - MetroTech

10 min walk, 0.32 miles

Management Leasing Office Hours

Monday            Closed

Tuesday           10 AM-6 PM

Wednesday     10 AM-6 PM

Thursday         10 AM-3 PM

Friday               10 AM-6 PM

Saturday           10 AM-6 PM

Sunday              Closed

Building Reviews (4)

Feb 15, 2018



Perfect location, lovely concierge and porters.


But unfortunately downhill from there: Noise pollution unbearable: front apartments garbage and delivery trucks all night. Rear facing apartments frat house style parties on the outside patio well past midnight. Laundry room filthy, couple machines always broken, had to ask super more than once to retrieve my clothes out of machine that broke while I was washing. Two elevators for 34 stories, one of them invariably out of service because it's used for trash, someone is moving or, more often than not, broken. If you live on a higher floor and don't want to take the stairs, add an extra 20 minutes wait time to your commute. Now the biggest annoyance are the pets. Be prepared to step into the elevator to find a puddle of dog pee or a pile of dog poop. Sometimes you'll also find that in the laundry room, in addition to piles of dog hair in the washers and driers. And if you happen to have a dog that barks for hours in the apartment next to yours don't expect community management to do anything about that. I was told, if you don't like it you can move to a different apartment. Too many nice new developments in the area to choose this worn old building in which management either is incompetent or doesn't care to maintain what they sell as 'luxury apartments'.

Dec 30, 2017



We lived here for two years. Absolutely love the concierge and porters. On our move out we had paid till the 17th but moved out on the 8th. On the day of move out we got a call from the leasing office asking us if we could move out early, as they rented it to someone starting on the 20th and needed time to get it ready. This was a Friday. We went back to see what all was left and in an email said we could be out and give them keys on that Sunday as a favor to them. Of course they were reimbursing us for the week and our deposit in full. We went Saturday to get the rest of our things to find that they had already patched and painted the apartment (without our knowledge entered our apartment, even though we would be out early the next day) AND a Christmas gift that was left behind was missing. The Office knew exactly who to call and his response was he thought it was trash so he took it! They shouldn't have been in there in the first place and then stole from us. We eventually got the gift back, but this just changed our whole view of the experience while living there. We hardly got an apology, had to actually ask for one when they said, what do you want us to do. Would NOT recommend this place at all. Too bad, as some staff are great, but the management and head of maintenance bring it all down. Oh, and did I mention being out of gas for over a month while paying almost $4k in rent a month?! We got reimbursed like $350. Did not cover the meals out or inconvenience. And I think that was only because someone complained.And as many have mentioned, the elevator situation is horrendous. Two elevators for 34 floors. One is often broken and the other gets taken out at bad times for trash removal and moves.

Nov 04, 2016



I lived there a while ago and was not terribly satisfied. For starters, it's pretty loud on the street. This is it necessarily the fault of the apartment complex but you want to know what you're getting. It is also very expensive and I agree with previous comments about the lack of elevators for such a tall building. Parking is absolutely horrific there.

Jun 22, 2015



Definitely NOT worth the rent they charge. There are only 2 elevators for over thirty floors, so expect to wait a very long time for an elevator on a regular basis. It is common for one of them to be taken out of service when someone is moving in or out, or for trash/recycling to be taken down. The newest thing is that they won't take in packages over 50lbs or greater than 36" square. The rent goes up A LOT every year. The fixtures in the apartments are cheap and break easily. They really seem to want people to move out so they can jack up the rent for the next set of tenants.