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Lisa Management

626 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11225

May 15, 2018



I've had a very pleasant experience here! Sadly, I'll be moving out, as I'm moving to another state, but otherwise I would have definitely renewed my lease.I didn't have a storage unit, and didn't have any problems with leaks, so I can't attest to the other reviews.Pros- 24/7 Concierge - Pick up your packages at any time. They've all been super friendly and helpful, shout out to Gerogiy in particular who's been great.- Package management - timely and organized, never had any problems.- Cleanliness - the building and it's common spaces are kept clean. Never had a single problem with pests either- Building maintenance - has been relatively quick and responsive- Great area - Might not float everyone's boat, but I personally loved the neighborhood- Common spaces - I like the roof deck a lot, and there's 3 other common spaces. Would be nice to see people using them more often


Cons- Slow elevators - for being a new building, I can't understand why the elevators are so slow- Have to pay to use the bike locker room. Maybe if it was cheaper but $30 is too high in my opinion- The best common space is reservation only. I understand, but at the same time I wish we could use the space if not the kitchen outside of reservation.- Some over cut corners - For example, the bathtub doesn't come with a stopper built in, instead you have to use the plug it comes with.- Expensive motorcycle parking - there's lots of spots in the parking lot that couldn't fit anything but a scooter/motorcycle. Other buildings I've lived in either let me park my bike for free, or for small fee. Cost me almost as much as a full car parking spot.It wasn't perfect, but overall I enjoyed it and definitely feel like I got my money's worth.

Jan 28, 2018



I am not happy with the management, there was a huge leak in the storage unit, with mold, no one says anything. I have called the management multiple times. The first leak, we moved are stuff, now that we complain, they asked us to move it again. Because now they say it's did handicap. The first I've ever heard of this. Lisa management is the worst. This building is not worth the price, it's had so many issues like water damage In the basement as well as heating issues and the first floor. Elevator is not working. I hate living here.

May 09, 2017



There was a huge leak in the building not long after we moved in and it has been several months with no repairs made. There is mold and damage everywhere and no one does anything to address it. It is not worth the high price of rent at all. Look elsewhere!

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