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Paramount Tower

240 East 39th Street, New York, NY, 10016
Rental Building in Murray Hill
$4,395 - $8,495 | 1, 2 Bed
466 Units | 51 Floors | Built in 1998
Managed By Glenwood Management

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3 Active Rental Listings

Date Apt# Rent Beds Baths Months Free Date Available OP Rent Stabilize
2023-12-29 6264 $4,395 1 1.0 Now
2023-12-29 886 $4,795 1 1.0 Now
2023-12-29 7045 $8,495 2 3.0 Now

349 Past Rental Listings

Date Apt# Rent Beds Baths Months Free Date Available OP Rent Stabilize
2023-11-14 6264 $4,395 1 1.0
2023-11-14 3855 $5,995 2 2.0
2023-11-14 5541 $6,795 2 2.0
2023-11-14 4034 $6,990 2 3.0
2023-11-14 5482 $8,195 2 3.0
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Building Amenities

240 East 39th Street, New York, NY Doorman Doorman
240 East 39th Street, New York, NY Elevator Elevator(9)
240 East 39th Street, New York, NY Gym Gym
240 East 39th Street, New York, NY Laundry in Building Laundry in Building
240 East 39th Street, New York, NY Live in super Live in super
240 East 39th Street, New York, NY Management Company Management Company
240 East 39th Street, New York, NY No Fee Building
240 East 39th Street, New York, NY Parking / Garage Parking / Garage
240 East 39th Street, New York, NY Cats Allowed Cats Allowed
240 East 39th Street, New York, NY Dogs Allowed Dogs Allowed
240 East 39th Street, New York, NY Roof Deck Roof Deck
240 East 39th Street, New York, NY Swimming Pool Swimming Pool

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Building Price Range

1 Bed
$3,100 - $4,000
2 Bed
$4,500 - $5,900

Broker Fee Savings

1 Bed
2 Bed


Grand Central - 42nd St

4 min walk, 0.4 miles

Grand Central - 42nd St

5 min walk, 0.44 miles

Grand Central - 42nd St

5 min walk, 0.25 miles

33rd St

4 min walk, 0.27 miles

Building Leasing Office Location


1440 York Avenue

New York NY 10075

(212) 535-0500

Building Leasing Office Hours

Monday            10 AM-6 PM

Tuesday            10 AM-6 PM

Wednesday      10 AM-6 PM

Thursday          10 AM-6 PM

Friday                10 AM-6 PM

Saturday           10 AM-6 PM

Sunday              10 AM-6 PM

Building Reviews (2)

Apr 26, 2017



I'm writing this review because we are currently in the process of looking for a new apartment and I am realizing how many people only post negative reviews of apartments/management companies on Yelp. In my frustration it occurred to me that I've never written a review of my own experience living in Paramount Tower/ Glenwood Properties so I'm taking my own advice.We moved to NYC three years ago and while we were looking for a 3 bdrm, we happened to be shown a 2/3 convertible apartment at Paramount (the option being to convert part of the living room into a 3rd bedroom). As soon as we saw the view we fell in love. The bedrooms are quite large and we were able to make the space work for our family. I've learned that most people think their doormen are the best but honestly, ours really are! They knew all our names within the first week, remember everything, are so kind and attentive and have become our friends. They are exceptionally professional and a huge part of what makes this such a wonderful place to live and come home to.We have never had any issues with management. I once called to inquire about cigarette smoke I was smelling. I was told there was no smoking allowed in the hallways/common areas but allowed inside apartments. However, if we could smell it down the hall in our apartment, it could be considered a problem. They sent someone up to address it with the tenant and we never smelled smoke again.Any time we've had to call maintenance, it has been handled quickly and without issue. Our place was updated with new fixtures, appliances, etc prior to our moving in so it feels quite new and without any existing maintenance issues.We are moving because we can't afford the rent anymore (which is ridiculously high and also partially why I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5). Really nice place, great location, everything you could need. I once read that Paramount Tower was the first earthquake proof building to built in the city. Not sure that matters much except that I attribute all the solid concrete to the fact that we never hear any neighbors. And the closet space alone is (almost) worth selling a kidney!


Cons: You pay extra for the gym/pool/lounge access. The 2nd floor deck could (and should) be nicer for the price of living here. The cheap patio furniture is sparse and only out a few months of the year leaving our only outdoor space unusable most of the time. The windows are pretty cheap...we can hear EVERYTHING from the street, over 30 floors down. They don't clean all the windows and you have to pay some ridiculous amount to have them cleaned (which is very much needed as they are big and get dirty after a year and a focal part of the apartments here). These are things that could be improved but there's not much else I can think of in terms of negatives.I'd stay here forever if we could afford it. Sad to have to go, Glenwood.

May 23, 2016



Looking for a building with friendly neighbors and a reasonable mgmt company....this is not it. It is not smoke free just smoke shouldn't bother anyone. So when it does and no one is available you live with smoke smell and reporting it multiple times. My neighbor didnt like my 2 year old running in the hallway and instead of introducing herself and sharing what bothers her - she calls management. Management sends a letter labeled 2nd notice when there never was a first one. The doormen and service people who do actual work are fantastic.