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M&R Management

3692 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11229

Jun 14, 2015



See also the several negative reviews on the building management, M&R Management. In addition to the other reviews, I have to say that the management is completely heartless. We considered only pet-friendly apartments when we were apartment hunting in January 2014. The Madison was advertised as pet friendly on "nakedapartments.com" and still is advertised that way as of this past Saturday. We had a sweet, elderly Cocker spaniel rescue dog and spoke with the broker about the fact that he was elderly and we knew we would eventually get another dog when his time came. The broker did say that we had to notify the office if we replaced the dog but made it sound like it was a formality as long as we kept to the rules of having a breed that was under 25 lbs. "Pepper" passed away last month at the age of 16, leaving my two heartbroken kids (and two very sad adults too). We have an application in to a rescue organization and have selected an adorable little dog about whom the kids are so excited. The rescue organization requires a letter from the landlord to show that a pet is allowed. I called the office to let them know that we had lost "Pepper" and that we were planning to adopt another dog, also under 25 lb. breed. I was told that the building has a "quota" and the number of dogs is over quota now so they won't approve it. This makes absolutely no sense! We had one dog and we want to replace it with another dog, how can this be over quota now? We were never told when we moved in that there was a quota. I asked Lauren to explain the math and she said that I was looking for a logical explanation but there was none, it was just at their discretion whether or not they allowed more dogs. It seems obvious that this is a bait and switch--they allow dogs to attract tenants in, but then once they are in the management is not obligated to allow dogs so they deny the request. Never mind that we have been excellent tenants, always on time, responsible pet owners, etc. Now the kids not only lost their beloved dog, they are now very upset that they are not going to be able to get the new dog they had picked out. The apartment itself is nice and the building super and porter are very helpful, but I am beside myself about the heartless management.

Jun 01, 2016



If I could give negative 10 stars I would!! People in the management office are rude and inconsiderate. When you call to tell them you have an issue with your apartment they say ok we will send someone up. Months later no one came to check it out. When you call again to let them know that no one ever came to take a look let alone fix the problem they are rude once again. Nothing has been fixed and no one has come to take a look after 3 months of complaining. Worst management company ever.

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